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El Paso Safe Potable Water

Water authorities explain public safety, monitoring programs, and high water quality of potable reuse at El Paso in Texas.

El Paso Potable Reuse Benefits

The video explains the environmental, economic and social benefits of potable reuse in this region of Texas.

El Paso Indirect Potable Reuse

The Fred Hervey water treatment plant at El Paso produces purified recycled water for the community. This video describes the advanced technology treatment system.

City of Abilene Texas Water Treatment Processes

This video explains the water treatment train used to purify water, including nitrogen removal, clarification, reverse osmosis and microfiltration. There are excellent animations explaining each…

Wichita Falls Safe Potable Reuse

Wichita Falls facility operators describe water quality monitoring and safety control systems used to keep pure water safe.

The Los Angeles Story

A great summary of Los Angeles approach to water supplies, history of development and key issues.