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Waste Not Want Not: A New Design Set To Reduce Melbourne’s Water Consumption

Project Overview

Smart Water Fund recipient Chris Arms & Associates have developed and installed a new wastewater treatment facility for a new 33-story office building in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, with a goal to save 39 megalitres of water a year.

The project will reduce the use of drinking water in the building by 62 per cent by treating wastewater to a Class A standard and using the recycled water for toilet flushing, says National Development Manager Marcus Fakhry.

“All sewage from the building will be directed to a blackwater treatment plant where it will be treated and pumped to a holding tank on the roof. The tank will be connected up to toilet-flushing valves within the building. More than two thirds of the building’s estimated annual water usage of 62 megalitres will be re-used,” he said.

“A big office building like Casselden Place uses around 130,000 litres of water for toilet flushing in a single working day. But with our Smart Water funding, the wastewater treatment facility will mean recycled water can be used rather than wasting 97,500 litres of drinking water on flushing the toilet.”

Mr Fakhry said a wastewater recycling system was best installed during the construction of the building and hopes the design will pave the way for improved water conservation efforts in future office and residential developments.

In fitting out the office building, Chris Arm & Associates have also installed:

  • Water flow conservation devices fitted to taps and shower outlets to achieve AAA rating water use
  • Facilities to collect and reuse rainwater for fire waterHansaprado Mixers AAA-rating, which can operate with a flow rate as low as 7 litres per minuteFlexispray ParaHealth Rail Shower, which has a AAA water conservation rating
  • A Black Water Treatment plant

A copy of the project report may be accessed via the publications tab above.

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