The importance of safe drinking water to our standard of living is unquestionable. Water utilities play a key role in protecting public health by supplying safe water.


Disinfection – SA Water, Australia

Disinfection is a critical step because it ensures that water is safe to drink. We disinfect water using chlorination, chloramination and ultra violet. At Morgan…

Meet a Water Sampler – SA Water, Australia

We collect and test water samples from right across South Australia, including rivers, reservoirs, pipelines and customer taps. Our laboratories, known as the Australian Water…

The Closed System – SA Water, Australia

A ‘closed system’ prevents anything other than water getting into the water distribution system. We maintain a closed system across South Australia by making sure…

New Technology – SA Water, Australia

At our laboratories we have two new machines which are leading the way with DNA technology. The ION Chef and the ION S5 look at…

Incident Response – SA Water, Australia

Providing safe, high quality drinking water to South Australians is our number one priority so the way we respond to incidents is critical. Like all…

Managing our Water Sources

Managing our surface and ground water sources is one of the first steps in providing safe, clean drinking water and maintaining public health. We manage…

Who regulates recycled water?

Who regulates recycled water for drinking in the United States?  Several water professionals discuss this issue.

San Diego Safe Water Treatment

San Diego water facility operators explain the multi-barrier treatment process, and safety controls.

Reverse Osmosis Animation

This animation graphically explains how reverse osmosis membranes work to remove contaminants such as salts and microorganisms from water.