The Australian Federal Labor opposition have announced that they will re-establish the National Water Commission and renew the National Water Initiative, if elected.

“We welcome the announcement to renew a national focus on water management in Australia. For almost a decade since the abolishment of the National Water Commission, there has been a vacuum in national leadership in managing Australia’s most precious resource. Transparency and independence are key – in creates confidence for all Australian’s that decision making and planning is paying attention to the best available science and views of stakeholders,” said Mr Adam Lovell, Executive Director.

“WSAA is pleased to see a commitment to renewing the National Water Initiative, a blue print for managing water across our cities, towns, industry, agricultural, mining and remote Indigenous communities. A healthy community is a healthy economy and water underpins the health of our communities, ecosystems and prosperity of industry”, said Mr Lovell.


Read WSAA’s full media release here