Scottsdale Water, Arizona, USA – Operating groundwater augmentation for 25 years

Scottsdale Water’s vision is to achieve water sustainability through stewardship, innovation, and people. 

 For over 50 years, Scottsdale Water has provided quality drinking water and advanced water reclamation services to businesses and residents in Scottsdale. Through strategic planning and decisive action, the utility has launched innovative water resource projects, diversifying its portfolio, enhancing the city’s drought resilience, and establishing practices to maintain consistent quality service levels for its customers. 

The award-winning Scottsdale Water Campus includes the Advanced Water Treatment facility, which bolsters the city’s indirect potable reuse program by recharging aquifers within the hydrological impact zone of potable wells, thereby bolstering the city’s physical water supplies where they are needed most. In 2019, the Advanced Water Treatment facility became Arizona’s first permanently permitted direct potable reuse facility, significantly enhancing the city’s ability to maximize its water resource utilization and diversification.(See Scottsdale Water Campus: 2).

Scottsdale Water also continues to expand groundwater wells and treatment systems across the service area, providing system redundancy and operational flexibility to meet customer demands and uphold water quality standards. 

Through extensive and innovative groundwater recharge practices, a diverse water supply portfolio, and a commitment to promoting conservation, Scottsdale Water is ensuring safe, reliable drinking water now and into the future. 

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