Water Replenishment District of Southern California

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California serves more than 4 million people living in a 43-city region of south Los Angeles County. Formed in 1959, WRD is responsible for managing the Central and West Coast Groundwater Basins, which supply an average of 40 percent of the drinking water in its 420-square-mile service area.

In the past, the majority of the replenishment water used by WRD was imported from the Bay Delta in northern California and the Colorado River—both hundreds of miles from Los Angeles. More than a decade ago, WRD embarked on a mission to become completely independent of imported water for groundwater replenishment. This effort, known as the Water Independence Now (WIN) Program, is a suite of projects and programs intended to maximize the use of local water sources, including recycled water and stormwater. The program includes state-of-the-art advanced water purification facilities, as well as increased use of tertiary treated water. When completed, the WRD WIN Program will provide a 100 percent locally sustainable groundwater supply.