The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) is pleased to announce the WSAA Young Utility Leader’s Advisory Group comprising the Young Utility Leaders Program’s current leaders and alumni to support WSAA’s strategic direction.


The Advisory Group provides perspectives on policies, strategies, and projects and will be integral participants in WSAA’s suite of events.

The newly formed WSAA Young Utility Leader’s Advisory Group is led by Ali Ahmadi and Chantal Keane, who step up as the inaugural Chair and Co-Chair respectively, with dynamic leadership and fresh perspectives.

As members of the 2020-21 cohort, they have been instrumental in turning a proposal into a reality. “Our aim is to enrich WSAA with a variety of perspectives, enabling us to address the most significant issues facing our industry with innovative solutions,” says Ali.

In late November, the Advisory Group held its inaugural meeting, setting the stage for a series of engagements. This marks not just the beginning of a new chapter but also WSAA’s commitment to inclusivity and young leadership in the water services sector.


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