Gas phase H2S control

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  1. Gas phase treatment
  2. Sewer wall coating
    1. Understanding of coating materials
      1. Summary of surface repair and protective coating systems
      2. Information on MICC, coating systems
      3. Coating defects
      4. Factors contributing to coating failures
    2. Addressing corrosion problems
      1. New System
        1. Options for coating materials
        2. Coating specifications
        3. Surface preparation specifications
      2. Existing System
        1. Coating specifications
        2. Service life model
    3. Assessment of performance
      1. Assessment of performance of existing lining material
      2. Post surface preparation assessment
      3. Post coating application assessment
      4. Testing of new coatings
      5. Explore performance of commercially available coatings
      6. Understanding the impacts of defects on coating material performance
  3. Sewer ventilation
    1. Sewer ventilation and its impact and/or benefit to odour/corrosion control are considered critical components in formulating the complete odour/corrosion control solution for an existing wastewater collection system.
      1. Understanding of sewer ventilation
      2. Field measurement and monitoring
        1. Field studies are conducted to measure ventilation in gravity sewers using carbon monoxide as a tracer. Concentration of carbon monoxide is measured at a downstream location for both continuous and pulse injection of the tracer gas. Other parameters representing the sewer and the environmental conditions are also measured simultaneously with the tracer gas concentration. Data thus collected is used to provide input data for the ventilation model.
          1. Tools and methods for measuring ventilation rates
          2. Evaluation of parameters for ventilation modelling
      3. Ventilation as an option for odour and corrosion control
        1. How does ventilation helps in controlling odour and corrosion problems?
        2. Options for ventilation
        3. Ventilation design guidelines
        4. Sewer ventilation case studies
      4. Modelling tools

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