Water Reuse and Communities Toolkit: Understanding Perceptions and Managing Barriers

Rethinking Community Engagement
A report of a study funded by the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence
University of New South Wales, November 2014

This 2014 University of New South Wales report presents the results of the National Demonstration, Education & Engagement Program, a three-year study of public understandings and responses to drinking water produced from recycling schemes. This document synthesises qualitative research and outlines a series of implications for community engagement practice and the design of media strategies.  The project developed resources for recycled water to be viewed as an acceptable alternative for augmenting drinking water supplies.

Led by the University of New South Wales, the project involves a consortium of organisations from Australia and overseas, including water utilities, universities and private companies. It provides a communication portal for community, government, media and industry groups to access high quality, evidence-based information. The project developed tools, methods and materials which provide consistent and relevant information across Australia, that can be used by the water industry when considering water
recycling for drinking purposes.


Rethinking Community Engagement