Project Round
Project Number
42R - 2040
Research Organisation
Racing Victoria

Construction of a Waterless Equine Training Track at Bendigo Racecourse

Project Overview

A crucial aspect of any equine training track is its ability to present an even going that provides horses with the right amount of support and the correct amount of resistance. Traditionally sand training tracks are saturated to present a track that is similar to wet beach sand. At Bendigo it was estimated that the sand training track required 12ML of water to be applied annually to achieve this requirement. As there are no other viable sources of water, this 12ML has in the past been sourced from the potable system.

It was proposed to use a recently developed synthetic product to replace the current surface. The product has been developed in-house within Racing Victoria to provide a surface for existing equine training and racing tracks that does not require large amounts of water to maintain in operational condition. The synthetic track is comprised of a mixture of sand, polymer fibre and wax binder. The surface has been developed through empirical and laboratory analysis and has been successfully trialled at a small number of other Victorian equine training centres.

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