Water and the Circular Economy
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Bio -Flo Pty Ltd

Developing a Peat Based Greywater System

Project Overview

The objective of this Project was to develop a practical and effective household greywater treatment system, incorporating the peat-based Biofilter technology developed by BioFlo Pty Limited (BioFlo).

This Project represents an extension of the activity undertaken in the Round One grant and specifically was intended to answer the following questions:

  • Can BioFlo’s biofilter actually deliver Class A water for reuse in specific domestic dwellings when supplied with diverse greywater streams, either alone or in combination with a post-filter disinfection step?
  • In particular, what is the minimum depth of peat bed and/or contact time/flow rate required to deliver consistent treatment?
  • Given the flow rate need not be an issue, what is the smallest biofilter module that will usefully serve as a household greywater treatment system?

The outcome of this project was a system which can effectively produce “Class A water for reuse in specific domestic dwellings” from household greywater and also facilitates nitrification during the treatment process. The system itself is unobtrusive and ideal for installation in most domestic houses, both new and existing.

It will allow households to recycle approximately 40-50 per cent of their water thus considerably reducing demand on potable water supplies. This in turn has a flow on effect of reducing the load on the sewage system and thus reducing various energy costs associated with managing, maintaining and developing the sewage system.

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