Project Round
Project Number
415 - 001
Research Organisation
Victoria University

Guidance For The Use Of Recycled Water By Industry

The Challenge

Advances in the utilisation of recycled water are resulting in its potential adoption for an ever broadening range of industrial uses. Periodic review of technology and practices is necessary to assist industry to incorporate appropriate improvements. This project captures state of the art technology via a literature review and encapsulates guidance in two easy-to-use tools that provide up to date guidance on the viability of recycled water in specific industrial processes.

The Project

Guidance to industries on the use of recycled water was produced in three published forms:

  • A literature review
  • A tool to quickly identify sites that could successfully use recycled water
  • A qualitative multi-criteria analysis tool to guide decisions on the use of recycled water.

These three outputs assist industry with decisions on the introduction of recycled water to replace existing water sources.

The Outcome

The literature review covers recycled water quality and cases studies in the manufacturing industry. It has been well received by industry with invitations to present at a number of industry forums.

A quick scan tool (QST), was developed to enable quick assessments without expert knowledge of water management. This software enables quick identification of sites that may profitably use recycled water. The QST includes high level assessment of demand management and cleaner production practises.

A decision support framework (DSF) was developed to guide decision making when evaluating the potential use of recycled water. This software is based on qualitative multi-criteria analysis that compares use of recycled water as a replacement or supplement to current water sources, using a qualitative pair wise method. This provides insights to businesses that are useful when considering further
feasibility studies.

Both the QST and DSF were trialled by industry. Current releases incorporate improvements according to the feedback received during these trials.

If you would like a copy of the software, please email [email protected].

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