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Cadbury Schweppes

Installation of Waterless Conveyer Technology

The Challenge

As a recognised Australian leader in the confectionery, food and beverage industry, Cadbury Schweppes is also leading the way in water conservation. Having recognised that in many instances high quality drinking water does not need to be used for industrial processes, alternate water sources or innovative technologies were required.

Acknowledging that 28 per cent of Melbourne’s total water is used by industry, Cadbury Schweppes took on the challenge to find innovative solutions to tackle this issue.

Following an assessment of its water use processes, Cadbury Schweppes identified that by changing a key manufacturing practice and converting to the use of water free conveyor belts, it could achieve significant water savings and at the same time enhance the plants operational efficiency.

The Project

A Smart Water Fund grant has supported Cadbury Schweppes to replace the current water based lubricant system of conveyor belts with a relatively new concept in Australia: a conveyor belt system that doesn’t use water at all.

The retrofit will take place at its beverages manufacturing plant in Tullamarine. It will involve the replacement of eight water-based lubricant conveyor lines with new water free belt technology to manufacture and package beverages into cans, PET/plastic and glass.

The Outcome

Lessons Learnt

The Cadbury Schweppes initiative is a great example of investment in technology that not only is more water efficient but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the whole production facility.

Cadbury Schweppes is also working to educate its staff and other industry bodies, particularly industry peers, to explore and embrace similar conservation strategies.

Operations Manager, Peter Morgan is enthusiastic about Cadbury Schweppes’ example, “We’ll know we’ve really succeeded when we see other companies following our lead.”

The Benefits

The company aims to save up to 21,620 kilolitres of water and wastewater each year – or the equivalent of 10 Olympic-size swimming pools – with this simple but effective conservation strategy.

“The retrofit will deliver financial, environmental and social benefits to Cadbury Schweppes,” said Morgan. “Not only is the water-free system going to save all that water, it’s actually more efficient.”

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