Project Round
Project Number
42R - 2014
Research Organisation
Ovens and Murray Football League

Kicking Goals for The Environment

Project Overview

‘Kicking Goals for the Environment’ is a collaborative project between Ovens and Murray Football League and North East Greenhouse Alliance. The project is partly funded by the Department of the Environment and Water Resources, under the Australian Government’s Low Emissions Technology and Abatement – Strategic Abatement program and by the Victorian Government’s Smart Water Fund.

There are 10 football clubs in the Ovens and Murray League, across the North East of Victoria. Three of those clubs are in the Albury area. Each club was audited in early 2007 to establish their current water and energy usage at the time and recommendations were made for the best ways that each club could save water and energy.

Not only did this mean that clubs would become more sustainable by conserving water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they would also save money. The project provided funding to each of the clubs to install $7,000 worth of water saving technologies and $7,000 worth of energy saving technologies. The reports also included a number of recommendations that can be implemented at low cost but still achieve large savings – for example, simple actions such as turning off the lights.

The project also has a significant media focus to encourage the clubs, players and their supporters to use energy and water more efficiently at the football and at home.

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