Project Round
Project Number
42M - 2033
Research Organisation
Stuart McQuire

Rainwwater and Water Recycling Options for the Home

Project Overview

The project has involved the production of a book that is focused on the practical methods of using rainwater and recycled water onsite. The book has been produced in full colour and is aimed at mainstream audiences, with distribution through bookshops, online and via some newsagents.

The project has focused on water normally sent down the drain and how to maximise its potential as a resource. The project highlights the latest technologies and solutions for onsite use of rainwater and recycled water. The book shows how to make the most of water that is available onsite. The latest water recycling treatment systems are featured, along with the latest water diversion systems. It also includes innovative solutions for the use of rainwater in urban households.

Through the application of the methods and technologies described in the book householders will be able to minimise their reliance on centralised mains water supplies. This will reduce the pressure on centralised water storages and reduce the need for additional centralised infrastructure. It will also allow greater access to water for householders in areas where there are restrictions on mains water use. Onsite use of water also reduces the pressure on centralised stormwater drains and sewers.

Supporting documents