Project Round
Project Number
32M - 2007
Research Organisation
City of Melbourne

Savings in the City – Green Hotels

Project Overview

Sustainability Victoria, Smart Water Fund and EC3 – GreenGlobe have partnered with the City of Melbourne in delivering a pilot environmental improvement program with local hotels called ‘Savings in the City ‘- Green Hotels’. There are 30 hotels participating in the program. The Savings in the City program provides support and tools to help hotels make water, waste and energy savings.

Environmental savings made by the Savings in the City program has seen over a two year period include:

  • an average reduction of water use of 15.3 litres per guest per night. Over the two years, hotels in the program have saved 45 megalitres of potable water
  • an average reduction of waste of 4.8 litres per guest per night which equates to 2410 tonnes annually. The total saving for two years, across the 30 hotels, has been the equivalent of 628 truckloads of waste.
  • an energy saving by the 30 hotels over the last two years equates to 24,769 tonnes of greenhouse gas or 2890 households which is equivalent to all the houses in the whole of East Melbourne.

The program is already being replicated with a current trial operating in the Geelong Otway region.

Savings in the City Green Hotels has been recognised as a finalist in the national Banksia Awards and the UNAA World Environment Day awards in the local government category.

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