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Project Round
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42R - 2020
Research Organisation
GWM Water

Water Conference for Secondary Schools

Project Overview

GWMWater identified the need to provide an education program for secondary school students. The idea of a water conference based on an adult style conference was developed. Students were asked to research their local water situation and investigate the question ‘Is our water use sustainable today, tomorrow and beyond?’

Support was sought from the Ballarat University Horsham Campus for the use of facilities to accommodate the conference and broadcast it live across the internet to a world wide audience.

Over a three year period the conference has developed into a program to provide students with knowledge to prepare them as ambassadors for water wherever they go at the conclusion of their secondary education. Teachers from the participating schools value the conference as part of their curriculum. Students appreciate being treated like adults. They enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the issue of water in their local area which consists of the Grampians, Wimmera and Mallee regions. Links with Melbourne and beyond provide them with information on water as an issue wherever you live.

The GWMWater conference program is highly recommended for water corporations wanting to provide an education program for secondary level students.

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