Technology and Treatment

Food and beverage production and manufacture use substantial volumes of water. This project investigated barriers to using recycled water technologies by these industries and ways to overcome them. The project scope encompassed processors and manufacturers of food and beverages; companies that supply technology to processors/manufacturers; and consumers of food products where recycled water has been involved in some part of the processing/manufacturing process. Stakeholders involved in the project included the meat, dairy and broader food manufacturing sectors, as well as water authorities, regulatory and policy agencies.


The project investigated how water recycling could be enhanced and high quality food standards upheld. A framework for selecting recycled water technology options and a tool to evaluate the value proposition for different recycling options was developed and validated through case studies conducted in the dairy food and meat sectors and knowledge and learnings made available.


The project’s findings, fact sheets, case studies and assessment tool are available on a dedicatedĀ web portal.



Lead organisation: CSIRO Food and Nutrition Flagship
Partner organisations: Australian Meat Processor Corporation
Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd
Australian Food and Grocery Council
Department of Energy and Water Supply (Qld)
Active Research Pty Ltd
Melbourne Water
Southern Rural Water
Warrnambool Cheese & Butter
Bega Cheese
JBS Australia
Department of Environment and Primary Industries (Vic)

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Water Recycling in Food Production and Manufacture
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