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You can browse the National Urban Water Data Collection at

This project is providing a means to better describe, connect and identify urban water data and information collections generated by Australian research, government and industry organisations. It is identifying urban water research data collections, the form of the data and how it might be standardised, and how information and knowledge can be made more accessible to industry via a website. The National Urban Water Data Collection is now a permanent collection by Research Data Australia, and is being continuously updated and maintained by the Australian National Data Service.


Australian urban water data collections were identified with an access point established online at Research Data Australia. Demonstration projects were undertaken with research collections in Queensland and South Australia, and continued in other states.ANDS is liaising with client liaison officers at university and government institutions that have a reasonable level of data management maturity and a willingness to assist researchers deposit and describe their data collections. ANDS is cataloguing collections held by:

  • Urban Water Security Research Alliance
  • Goyder Institute for Water Research
  • Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence
  • Smart Water Fund/Melbourne Water
  • Water Services Association of Australia
  • Water Research Australia
  • National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia
  • CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training
  • National Water Commission
  • State and Territory Government water and environment departments
  • Universities


This project is assisted by the Australian Water Research and Development Coalition, Australian e-Research members, and the National Urban Water R&D Partnership Working Group. The National Urban Water Data Collection will be a permanent collection by Research Data Australia, and continuously updated and maintained by ANDS.


Lead organisation: Australian National Data Service
Partner organisations: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Bureau of Meteorology
National Water Commission
Water Services Association of Australia
Goyder Research Institute
Melbourne Water Smart Water Fund
Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities
Australian Water Association
Australian eResearch Organisation (AeRO)
Utility R&D Managers

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