Smart Linings For Pipe and Infrastructure

Wastewater liners

Product standards for calcium aluminate cement mortars and alkali activated binders (including geopolymer cement mortars), update to WSAA’s protective coatings manual (WSA 201), decision tools for asset prioritisation, liner selection and liner performance.

This sub-project involved trialling calcium aluminate cement mortars (CAC) and geopolymer cement mortars in wastewater pipes and maintenance structures at utilities around Australia, assessing performance through materials testing at The University of Sydney, developing a decision tool to assist with prioritisation of assets for renewal, and writing product standards for product appraisals and updating WSAA’s protective coatings manual with installation requirements.

This video provides a brief overview of the products that were trialled, and deliverables produced by the project.

Project Deliverables

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Protective Coatings Manual Updates

WSAA’s manual for selection and application of protective coatings has been updated with the findings from the field trials and university testing and includes new information on:

  • Corrosion Classifications
  • CAC and Geopolymer system requirements
  • Surface Preparation
  • Repair Requirements
  • Application Requirements
  • Defects
  • Quality Assurance
  • Acceptance Testing
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Product standards

Two water industry standards were developed: for calcium aluminate cement mortars and alkali activated binders (including geopolymer cement mortars) mortars in wastewater pipes and maintenance structures. These standards detail the product performance requirements and product testing requirements to obtain as WSAA product appraisal.

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Sewer Rehabilitation & Prioritisation Decision Platform

Understanding all the factors that go into choosing a liner is complicated, and it takes time. This is especially true when products are first introduced.

To help with this a decision tool was developed to allow users to easily access the knowledge developed through the smart linings project and make recommendations for when liners can be used and how long they will last.

The Sewer Rehabilitation & Prioritisation Decision Platform was developed by The University of Sydney and is designed to assist asset managers, project managers and liner installers by:

  • Prioritising concrete assets for rehabilitation
  • Selecting coating that will work in the sewer’s environmental conditions
  • Determining required coating thickness for required service life


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