Project Round
Project Number
32R - 3035
Research Organisation
Mildura Rural City Council

Mildura Landfill Complex Stormwater Recycling Project

Project Overview

Mildura Rural City Council have introduced a water recycling system at the Mildura Landfill site whereby stormwater runoff is treated using Iodine and the resultant water used for dust supressant and for municipal irrigation purposes. To assist Mildura Rural City Council assess the quality of the treated water, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE carried out water testing at the Mildura Rural City Council Landfill Site from February to December, 2007. Students enrolled in Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management assisted with data collection and analysis and with drafting regular reports.

A brief summary of some of the results is as follows:

  • Turbidity was generally not excessive although climatic conditions did produce some high readings at various times during the year.
  • Water Temperature tended to follow seasonal variations with corresponding affects on Dissolved Oxygen levels, Electrical Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids.
  • Generally speaking, the water was found to be of a quality suitable for municipal irrigation purposes and as a dust suppressant.
  • It was interesting to note that the stormwater drain appears able to support a variety of aquatic organisms.

TheĀ final reportincorporates all the data collected in the course of the project.

Supporting documents