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The web-based Water Research Access Portal (WRAP) improved access and searching of urban water R&D information and knowledge generated by Australian research, government and industry organisations. It enabled end users to access information and knowledge from diverse sources in a uniform way. The portal:

  • Provided relevant content chosen in consultation with industry
  • Improved search results to reputable Australian water R&D organisations and programs
  • Made accessing relevant information easier and more efficient
  • Accessed member-only site content with ease
  • Provided a single gateway to multiple research organisations and programs
  • Had advanced search functions by theme, subject and keyword.


The Water Research Access Portal was developed to link the water industry to knowledge, tools and publications held by over 15 Research and Development organisations. The WRAP is the established ‘go-to’ site for Australian water research information. Currently there are 118 links to WRAP from other websites, from 10 different organisations, with a number of organisations seeking to also include their material on the website.


This project responded to a need to better describe and access urban research data and information and was assisted by the Australian Water Research and Development Coalition, Australian e-Research members, and the National Urban Water R&D Partnership Working Group. The Water Research Access Portal was supported by multiple R&D partners and managed by Water Services Association of Australia.

While the WRAP has been superseded by Water360, an archived version of the WRAP is available on Trove


Lead organisation: Water Services Association of Australia
Partner organisations: Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence
National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia
Water Research Australia
Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities
Melbourne Water Smart Water Fund
Australian Water Association
Australian National Data Service
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Bureau of Meteorology

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